Surface Pipe:

  • Zonal isolation of fresh water zones
  • Well Control

Squeeze Work:

  • Zonal Isolation, structural integrity of the casing
  • Well control

Long Strings:

  • Remedial wellbore/casing repair
  • Zonal isolation

P & A:

  • Plug to Abandon procedures
  • Assist operators in maintaining compliance with state and federal agencies


  • Increase permeability in wellbore and enhance production
  • Disposal well cleanouts- stuck drill pipe

Float Equipment:

  • Used to centralize casing for proper zonal isolation
  • Enhance bond log parameters

Pumping Services:

  • Cementing and Acidizing services
  • Pressure testing

Chemical Mixing:

  • Gel sweeps, cementing and acidizing additives
  • Diverter stages

Cased Hole Oil Tools:

  • Retrievable Packers and Plugs – Testing, Casing leaks, etc
  • Cement Retainers and Stingers
  • Cast Iron Bridge Plugs (CIBP)